Willingness to change, to see beyond myself and follow Him till the end. #vscocam

Assorted of Sabah’s keychains. #sabahtourism #kotakinabalu #vscocam #keychain

Everything we had lied, reflected direct to ourselves. #vscocam #sharing #thoughts

As requested by @jasonwkt here’s my 20 facts about me.
1. I love food, oh well who doesn’t?!
2. Strong interest in aviation.
3. Had good sense of direction. (thanks to google map!)
4. Travelling. (Getting to know outside world cultures and lifestyle)
5. Love food, yeah I repeat it again.
6. To be a pilot was always my ambition since small. Supported by fact number 2.
7. Love slow and relax pop/R&B musics.
8. Used to be obese level 2, thanks to my mom’s frickin’ delicious food!
9. Prefer autumn the most of out the four seasons.
10. Used to be always hanging out with alot of group of friends. But then I realized family member was to be prior first.

Rice vermicelli cooked with olive oil and garlic, added with a little salt and pepper seasoning, and chicken breast cutlet as topping! Max carbs and protein with fiber dietary for my workout later today! #vscocam #fitness #workout #lunchfortoday

Loving this new grocery in town! So many imported stuffs! #vscocam #kotakinabalu (at City Gourmet Sdn Bhd - Lifestyle Groceries)

Sunday morning market. #vscocam #market (at Pasar Tamu Tenom)

Tenom’s famous chun kien. #vscocam #asianfood (at Pasar Besar Tenom)

Very local style mee soup! Love their healthy soup! #vscocam #asianfood #kotakinabalu (at Mee Sup Pipin)

Lunch time! Skinless chicken fillet with olive oil and some black pepper for seasoning on top of butter lettuce. #vscocam #workout #fitness